Yoga Instructor

Violet Sellers has been a member of BodyfitPUNCH for almost 2 years as a “class taker”. Recently, she finished her 200 hour yoga certification and approached the owners about providing a yoga class at PUNCH that would break down poses and teach proper body alignment to beginners or for those looking to advance their own yoga practice. From there, Yoga Basics was born. Violet began her yoga journey nearly 10 years ago and has been an avid practitioner since. Violet also is a certified and licensed occupational therapist for a local hospital where she works with acute care patients as well as outpatients with a multitude of needs. In addition, she works at and helped create the MS Wellness Center where she evaluates and treats patients with multiple sclerosis as well as teaching a multiple sclerosis specific yoga class at the center. Becoming certified as a yoga instructor had always been a dream of hers and once she began her masters program she developed a passion for incorporating yoga into her therapy practice. Violet’s knowledge of anatomy and her therapy background contribute to her passion for every BODY being able to benefit from practicing yoga. She pays specific attention to proper body alignment in every pose as well as providing modification poses when needed. Violet believes in the importance of fitness through a mind body connection while in turn preventing injury. She strives to educate her students with knowledge of their own body and how it moves while encouraging further strengthening and flexibility. Yoga Basics is never the same week to week and typically incorporates a theme or “dharma talk” that provides the student with a focus for their practice. Violet rotates varying poses to create sequences that relate to the theme so that the student is constantly learning new poses or “asanas” while also developing knowledge of existing ones. The class begins with a period of guided meditation followed by a section of warming up the core or “stoking the fire” to prepare for the remainder of class as the core is present in all poses. This is followed by seated or floor poses to continue warming up for standing and balancing poses and ends with “savasana”/ relaxation pose. Yoga Basics is geared towards the student whom wants to couple their cardio at PUNCH with a slower paced practice that focuses on flexibility, balance, and strengthening.